Digital Literacy is changing and expanding every day.  Digital literacy is using technology and technological tools to both create information and research information.  It can be tremendously helpful, yet also intimidating.  I believe that a person should sit down frequently to learn the different types of digital literacy that applies to them.  It is not required of everybody to know how to comfortably run technology, but I believe that sometime in the near future, it is going to be a given that a person knows how to run technology.  There are several people who see no benefits in having the ability to run technology.  The website that is linked directly below is a website that is full of tutorials on how to navigate through some common forms of digital literacy.

Digital Literacy

Some of the important elements of digital literacy include the ability to run a computer.  It is important for a person to be able to access the internet in order to learn to be proficient in digital literacy. Another important element of digital literacy is the ability to fully understand the  different formats of a computer.

When it comes to digital literacy, I excel in writing essays, using the several different forms of Microsoft Word.  I also know fairly well how to do research.  I have been taught the difference between reliable sources online, and unreliable sources.

One thing I would like to learn in the form of digital literacy is exactly what I am working on right now.  I want to learn how to blog, post articles, and explore these types of websites.  I am glad that these blogs are requirements or this class because it is not only fascinating, but also will benefit me later on in life.

One thing we need to do to be able to successfully become digital learners is to keep an open mind.  Many of us are stubborn and have a hard time opening up to the “unknown”.  It becomes difficult and frustrating to not understand how to run a program that we are unfamiliar with.  To successfully become digital leaders, we must learn patience.  Not every person learns technology at the same speed, and for some people, it takes extensive amounts of time to adequately learn the ins and outs of a technology program.  As leaders and teachers of these digital literacy programs and tools, we must learn to patiently teach people the ability to perform their tasks.  We must remember that these tasks often come frustrating and frightening to people that are not technologically advanced.


One thought on “Reflecting Digital Literacy

  1. I think it’s very important that we learn to use digital tools now, because the students that we teach will always have some “new” tool that they use and we will have to adapt to the times and continue learning in the technological world.


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