To be honest, I had no idea what a PLN was before I read some of the readings that were suggested. I did some research, I read until my eyes hurt, and I discovered that a PLN is a security blanket.  Or a safety net.  Whatever you want to call it, it is a wonderful thing to indulge in. A personal learning network is a place that you can share and read about the things that connect to you.  It is a safe place that allows you to find the people that share the same passions as you.  I have found myself checking my Twitter to see what has been newly posted by the “experts” that I have found in order to create my personal learning network.  I chose to adjust my PLN to match my passion in teaching music.  I have found so many different music education experts that are already helping shape my teaching style.

Photo taken from Flickr.  CC- By catspyjamasnz
Photo taken from Flickr. CC- By catspyjamasnz

@GiveANote, @NAfME, @ATLmusicproject, @centerforartsed,@NMEAnebraska, and countless other accounts about both music education, and education in general have been so helpful for me to refer to.  The wonderful thing about a PLN is that you can read and read all day long and find so many helpful tips and encouragements.  I can easily take some of the information that these music/fine arts pages demonstrate and incorporate them into what I am learning on the education pages.

As I got to thinking, I realized that these “big name” accounts do not have to be the only way I find help, encouragement, and ideas.  I did some research and realized that some of my past music professors and music mentors have professional accounts and it has been helpful for me to be able to find a safe nook, not only filled with these strangers, but also mentors that have been able to help me.  I generally do not indulge in organized groups like this because I’ve always liked to keep my opinions to myself.  Twitter has allowed me to share my ideas, read others’ ideas, and repost what I will be able to use later on.  Also, looking into the future, I realized that I can be one of these “experts”.  If you learn from the best, you are apt to be successful.


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