Here we are again.  As an independent learning project, I chose to learn how to play guitar.  I have owned a guitar for many years, I just have never been able to teach myself how to play.  I have picked up this project and am running full speed ahead.  I am excited to be learning something new and I hope that everything goes as planned.

One night, I sat down to try to find an app that might assist me on my Kindle.  So far, I’ve found two apps that are extremely helpful! (And free!) The first app that I found is called “Guitar Beginner’s Notes”.  It is an informative app.  It has several different categories of notes and articles you can read to help you learn about the guitar before you learn to play it.  Some of the things that it teaches you are: learning the parts of the guitar, changing your own strings, tuning your guitar, basic music theory, how to properly hold the guitar, learning the notes, the basic chords, and the list goes on.  Wow! It is a lot of information and I am quickly learning that I am going to benefit from reading ABOUT the guitar before learning to PLAY the guitar.  The other app that I found is called “GuitarTuna” and it is a helpful tuner.  It demonstrates the different strings and is extremely accurate.  This app also sounds out the different musical chords and demonstrates how to play them.  Both of these applications are helping me tremendously.  I think that it is important to be able to learn the basics and work your way up.  Many times, people (I am guilty!) jump in feet first and go full force ahead. This can be great, but it is also important to learn the underlying basic components of the task at hand.

I have been working on learning the different strings and memorizing simple chords. So far, things are going pretty well. I’ve been working on it as much as I can and I am starting to get the basics down. This project is going to help me in the long run in many different ways.  I am so excited, as an aspiring music teacher, that I will soon be able to play guitar. (If everything goes as planned!)  Especially in elementary music, being able to play the guitar is a huge help.  Many schools require it as music majors, and I am glad that I am learning now.  It is better late than never, and I know I will feel accomplished if I succeed!


6 thoughts on “A Work in Progress: My Independent Learning Project

  1. Nice job on finding an easy subject to learn! I picked mine on how to fly helicopters. -_- I don’t think I’ll be as successful as you haha! I bought an electric guitar when I was younger, thinking I could become a rockstar with a band. The guitar sat in my room and did nothing but collect dust and take up space. So I sold it and just last year, I bought an acoustic guitar and have found a friend to help me learn basic chords, fingering styles, and chord progressions. I’m not that coordinated when it comes to the guitar so his patience definitely helps. I have found it is extremely beneficial to have someone physically show me where to put my fingers and how to strum, among other things.


  2. Apps are an excellent way to try to learn for these Independent Learning Projects–and interestingly enough, not a route I’ve seen other students take with their learning. What a great way to explore and use technology!


  3. Awesome job on implementing technology through the use of applications. I always thought “Guitar Hero” would help me (It never did). But seriously, keep up the great work!


  4. I love that you have found some web resources that will help you along the way! I hope you have continued success as I have tried to play the guitar multiple times and didn’t have any luck 🙂 Best wishes!


  5. I’m glad you could find some apps to help you out with your project! It seems like there are apps for everything! I took an FYI music class last semester and I must say I learned that there is a heck of a lot more to playing music than just picking up and instrument and strumming. Music can be so complex. Good luck on your learning journey.


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