After reading the article “How to Cultivate a Personal Learning Network: Tips from Howard Rheingold,” I have gathered a better understanding of what all is capable and helpful about a PLN.  My initial thought of a personal learning network was that a person reads the articles he or she wants to read and shares what they enjoy.  After reading this article, I realize that I must learn to reciprocate. I need to post and comment and interact with these people, instead of just reading their side of the story.  Also, after reading the article, I realized that it is okay to “unfollow” the accounts that you don’t care for reading.  There is no sense in cluttering up your “newsfeed” with things you have no interest in reading.

Creating a personal learning network is great way to interact and gather information about the subject you are interested.  If we keep tweaking the content that we see, we will create a positive and informative network for ourselves.  We can personally create what we want to see and benefit from the information we indulge in!

I must be honest, I struggle with sharing my opinion.  I love to read all of these articles and see what more experienced people have to say, but I rarely remember to state my opinions!  I desperately need to remember to share my stories and share what I think.  I often find articles that I enjoy and have a healthy opinion that I am sure somebody would enjoy to read.  I know now that if I enjoy reading or viewing a post, I need to respond accordingly in order to allow my PLN to grow.

I have chosen the importance of music education as the basis for my PLN.  I am learning to find some different accounts made by experts that frequently share articles that are helpful.  I can “retweet” or share these articles and hope that other people that are interested in this subject stumble upon them.  There are also certain “hashtags” that you can attach to a post to allow people searching for that specific hashtag to find easily.  This is such an easy and efficient way to share and find ideas.  I am learning that my PLN experts have some wonderful things to say and I enjoy and look forward to reading what some of them have to say.


One thought on “Cultivating My PLN

  1. I think this is the hardest part of the PLN work: finding ways to share valuable opinions, ideas, and information with others. I tend to follow a lot of great accounts and do a lot of retweeting and sharing of articles and blog posts that I read.


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