Creativity can be both exciting and terrifying.  Ds106 is both exciting and terrifying.  One terrifying fact is the concept of being a teacher-less class.  What?  Well, apparently it is just like it sounds. No teacher, no curriculum.  But in honesty, it doesn’t need those things.  Ds106 is a perfect example of how creativity should just be run with.  Too much structure takes away from creativity. This challenge is a wonderful way to help people express their creativity.

Twenty days in a row of creativity I think (and hope) will be enough to be habit forming!  I hope that this project helps not only me but everybody else taking this challenge to be more comfortable with our creativity.  I know that this project will ask us to draw pictures. (Yikes!) I am unfortunately not overly artistic and so this is very much outside of my comfort zone.  But, as my mother has been telling me for years, it is good for me.

I plan on becoming a music teacher.  I have always loved music and it is one way that I AM artistic.  Often, music and art are categorized together, and there are many ways that they can work hand in hand.  I could definitely use this challenge as inspiration of a project in the classroom. Another way that I could use this project in the classroom is by getting inspiration by the questions that they ask us to post about.  I am sure that many of them could be used as warm up journal activities in a classroom.

I really enjoy that this project is not only about writing, drawing and photography, but it also incorporates audio and video recordings.  It requires such a diversity of postings.  This allows a person to wander and explore their own talents. But it doesn’t just show us our talents, but what we are not so proficient at.  In other words, it shows us our weaknesses.  If we embrace that correctly, we can improve our creativity by so much!

Creativity is a trait that can be learned anytime.  We are introduced to our own creativity when we are young, but many of us move it to the back burner in our lives until we need it, and of course when we need it most it often escapes us.  If we use our creativity more often, it will come easier to us and projects like this won’t make us sweat!


3 thoughts on “Ds106: Extracting so Many Emotions SO Quickly!

  1. I love your ideas for fostering creativity. Perhaps oddly, I find that the Daily Create assignments I most enjoy are the ones that aren’t in my comfort zone (which is writing). I have ended up loving the drawing, sketching, and photography creates most. I look forward to following your progress!


  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. I am definitely being shown my weaknesses through daily create. The audio and video make me a little uncomfortable. I feel like today’s challenge of video taping myself and uploading the video to youtube is not only out of my comfort zone but also out of my realm of technology skills! My tech savvy daughter is gone so I am going to have to do some research:)


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