I spent as much time as I possibly could “googling” myself yesterday.  I have come to multiple conclusions.

First, I am a boring person.  I found about eight articles about me.  Probably about six of them were from when I played college softball and was in the paper every so often.  One was from when I was selected for an honor band, and another was a photo of my engagement photos that  my professional cousin took.  The last of those eight pieces is slightly less boring. But to be honest, I did not find as many things out about myself as I thought I would.  I like to think that I should be proud of this??

Second, it is entirely, 100%, creepy to think about how much a person can find out about somebody online.  We can research a person  and discover so many things about them with never having to speak to them.  I am not concerned about my boss or future boss finding “dirt” on me if they were going to try to google me.  I always make a point to think through everything that I do both online and offline.  I am part of the early generation that grew up as technology grew up.  I had a childhood that didn’t revolve around technology, yet as a teenager I became to appreciate technology.  I believe that this helped me learn to trust the internet a little bit, but realize that is is a vast hole for anybody to dig around in.  Kids today trust the internet, and that can be dangerous if it is not guided in the proper way.

Lastly, I had a personal experience with this situation just today and my aunt and I had a discussion about how unsettling, yet handy, it is to be able to google a person’s whereabouts.  She lost the address to  friend from high school, so I helped her find this friend’s address.  It took less than one minute to know this woman’s address, name, phone number, and spouses name. It even came packaged with a detailed map from my location to this woman’s house.  I joke about how this is such a strange concept, but in all reality this can all tie back to our discussion of Digital Citizenship.   Be careful of what you do and what you post because you can be found online. We are open books, choose your words wisely.


9 thoughts on “Googling Myself. Creepy!

  1. I also had a hard time finding anything about myself online. It is however, becoming easier and easier to find out things about people just by searching their name. It is no longer uncommon to turn to Google in hopes of finding someone’s address or phone number. Technology has opened many doors, and I would say not all of them are good.


  2. I’m in about the same boat as you–just a few articles regarding some wrestling tournaments and duals from back in the day and a few awards with wrestling and academics….and a video of me breaking into UNL stadium covered by the biggest news station in Lincoln, NE. Nothing too crazy.


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