After reading some articles about digital activism, I realized that it is a bigger deal than I imagined.  I never really understood how important and how large these teen activists have become. They are such wonderful kids with hearts full of purpose.  I am proud of each and every one of the kids and young adults that are standing up for what they believe in.  One of the teen activists that I really enjoyed following is the young girl that goes by WhyToStayStrong.  Here is her page:


This young girl is standing up for her belief in the idea that every person matters.  She posts several encouraging articles, quotes, pictures, etc., that can encourage so many struggling people.  I think that both young and old could be touched by this girls’ kindness and advice.  She focuses on helping people realize that they matter.  That everyone makes mistakes, everyone has hardships, and everyone is loved.  She has multiple articles about depression.  I really enjoyed this young girl’s Twitter page.  It took some time to sift through everything she has posted, but I can say that there was not one post that I didn’t enjoy.  I believe that this activism page is a success.  Every person that is struggling needs to know that they are worth more than they know.  This girl encourages that, defines it, and keeps posts positive.  When a person is struggling, they don’t need to be nagged at, they may just need some inspiration.  This is a lighthearted way of  handing out inspiration and positivity.  People can either take it or leave it, but I think many people will find themselves thinking about those quotes or posts later on in their day.  Smiles, happiness, and positivity are contagious and hard to forget.


3 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. I also viewed and followed this young girls page. She had so many encouraging posts, and its amazing the effect that she has had. I was amazed by the different uses for technology and how students are becoming more active in supporting each other online.


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