This class has taught me how to use many wonderful tools that will become helpful in my classroom.  This semester, I became an innovative thinker when I began working on our daily create projects.  I have always been artistic in the musical ability, but this class made me find artistic abilities that I never knew I had.  (Not saying that they were wonderfully done, but I could complete the projects.)

This semester I unlearned the idea that the internet is the enemy.  Many people feel that way, and even though I’ve never been completely on board with that ship, it is hard to ignore the damage that social media has caused.  This class made learn new ways to teach “the internet” in a healthier and more educational way.  After completing this class, I will be able to teach the correct ways to use the internet. And confidently!

I cannot pick just one thing that I surprised myself with this semester. There were so many aspects of this class that brought me out of my comfort zone and I handled it well.  The mere idea of being out of my comfort zone and producing my work well is one giant surprise.   I am also thoroughly surprised with myself on my work with my independent project.  I stuck with it and did the required hours to learn (and to be honest, I found myself spending extra time and… enjoying it!) I chose to learn the guitar.  Now, I am no talented guitar player, but I can pluck out some chords. Slowly.  And slightly roughly.  But I stuck with it.

While reading the article “The Mindset of an Innovator,”  there was one point that the author mentioned that touched home to me.  It went like this: “I am an innovative educator and I will continue to ask “what is best for learners”.  With this empathetic approach, I will create and design learning experiences with that question as a starting point.”  It is so important to remember that we are teaching to help better each and every student.  Not the ones that we get along with, not the ones that are intelligent, but every single student.

Now this class is finished and I know how important it is to keep all of the skills I learned here, close by.  It is crucial that I hold on to all of these tools until I become a teacher. I still have some classes to go, so I fear that I will forget.  In so many ways, this class benefited me and I can truthfully say that it has been the class that I can see myself look back on my work for ideas.  What a wonderful experience. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “The Final

  1. I’ve learned so many things in this class. I’ve always had the ideal that the internet is the enemy, but know I’m seeing how it can be used correctly. I’ve learned a lot of cool things and found a lot of resources. I hope I don’t forget them either!


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