I’ve been spending some time reading different blogs. Especially blogs about this new concept to me called “kidslitosphere”. Phenomenal, really.  It is an amazing little “community” that teachers post about their experiences of using picture books in the classroom.  I enjoyed reading about the different people’s perspectives.

I really enjoyed reading the blog “There’s a Book for That” and being able to pick through her brain and see her different methods of organizing books.  I also really like that that blog has posts about specific books that she reads to her students. Some books, she just reads pieces at a time.  What a wonderful way to instill reading in students.

Another blog that I really enjoyed was the “Nerdy Book Club.” This blog was a bit different from “There’s a Book for That.”  The articles that I read by them were reviews.  I enjoyed that, especially the one about C. Alexander London’s “Wild Ones.”  Reading the review truly made me want to read the book.  The way the author of the blog talks about the illustrations made the book sound wonderful.

One thing that I am excited about learning how to incorporate in my blogs, is the ability to review and critique books.  I am excited to learn how to successfully convince someone one way or another about a book.

I am quickly learning that blogging can be fun!  (I never thought those words would come out of my mouth…) If a person finds the right subjects to blog about, it can not only be interesting to read about but it can be fun to write.

I am starting to learn that blogging is good for me.  I enjoying being able to view other blogs just as much if not more than I enjoy the writing part of blogging.  It allows me to broaden my imagination and receive ideas from other blogs.  So from here on out, I’m going to be positive about blogging, and enjoy learning the tricks to blogging.


One thought on “Blogging: Kidslitosphere

  1. Glad you enjoyed Carrie’s blog! I learn so much from her. She’s also a wonderful person to follow on Twitter: @carriegelson. I definitely value the community aspect of blogging. Blogging lets me connect with innovative, brilliant teachers around the world and learn from them.


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