Just find time.

Reading can be many different things.  It can be a chore, an assignment, work, or a hobby.  I’ve always thought of reading as a hobby so I don’t have a problem finding time to read.  But I will admit, reading four hours worth of children’s’ books takes longer than you think.  I find it relaxing to read before I go to bed.  I take a trip to my public library and I can check out up to 30 books at a time. I grab an armful of children’s books and take them home.  I snuggle up with my pile of books and a cup of tea. The only thing that would be better would be if it was raining or snowing.

The one obstacle I have found in this class is that my public library is only open until 6.  I don’t get off until 4:30 and I have to stay late many times so I find myself rushing to the library to get what I need before they close, and become unorganized and walk out without what I went in for.

This class has given me a good excuse to be able to read more often.  And able to read such a variety of books. I have had so much fun learning some new repetitive authors.  I am starting to recognize authors and illustrators and it has become a “treasure hunt” to find common authors or illustrations.  I enjoy going back and reading books that remind me of my childhood and even older, but it is also interesting to read the books that are new.  Maybe it is because I am old fashioned or because reading new books makes me feel old, but I prefer older books ten to one over the newer ones.  Yes, the illustrations are more detailed but they are generic and remind me of computer made pictures.  Yes some of the stories are similar to ones I read as a kid, but they also don’t teach morals as much as they used to.

I love to read, I love this class, and I have learned so much by reading these books.


2 thoughts on “Finding Time to Read

  1. I definitely like to read before bed too. It’s my most productive reading time. I also try to carve out an hour on Monday and an hour on Friday. Twenty minutes or so before bed and two hours on those two days easily equals four over the week, so I don’t usually find it difficult to get to my total. Sounds like you have a good system for finding time to read–though I wish the library were open later!


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