And so it begins!

Last week I made known that I am a “read only inside my comfort zone” kind of reader.  As I’ve brainstormed this week to determine my reading plan, I realized this: what better of an opportunity am I going to find to broaden myself as a reader?  I plan to read back through my classmates’ blogs and get book ideas from them.  Any suggestions are welcome!  I am beginning to think that if I read a little bit of everything in this class, when it comes to reading books for myself, I may be more apt to read out of my comfort zone.

The second part of my reading plan is to complete the 100 Top Children’s Novels.  To be perfectly honest, I am actually overly excited to accomplish this.  I have always been partial to novels and expanding my repertoire of literature will help me when I do become a teacher.  Knowing the books that my students are reading will not just benefit me, but also them.

The third and final part of my reading plan is to become much better at putting books on Goodreads.  I love that app but I have a hard time remembering to put a book on it.  I generally read the book first and then put it on there, but I don’t always remember by the end of the book.

So, here I go.  I have listed my intentions and I am putting them to work.


10 thoughts on “My Reading Plan

  1. Awesome choice for challenge goals!
    I also fall into the reading genre rut.
    What are the genres you want to experience more of?


  2. It’s great that you want to know what students are reading as well so you can connect with them! Having teachers that liked the books I was reading was always fun when I was in school. Knowing this, you could also recommended similar books that they would enjoy to encourage them to keep reading! Great goals!


  3. I chose the same challenge goals as you! I think if books are rated so highly they have to be somewhat decent right?! This class has really helped push me back towards being the reader I used to be!


  4. You’ve got a great list of challenges there! I really like your idea about the “top 100 children’s novels”. These books are going to be great reads and would be awesome additions to your future classroom library!


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