What I read was…

Last week, I read “Amber Brown Goes Fourth” by Paula Danzinger  This is a series of books about a young girl named Amber Brown.  In this specific book, Amber Brown is in fourth grade.  She is struggling with many emotional issues and dreads the new school year.  The book is from Amber’s perspective, so it is relatable to children.  It is a very comical book, as Amber Brown is a bit of a class clown.
I thought this book was great.  It hit some hard notes (emotionally) but it played well at diffusing the uncomfortable situations that Amber was going through.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would have loved them as a kid.  An easy read, short novel but fun and yet realistic!!  I would definitely reccomend this book!


9 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are You Reading??

  1. Aww, thank you for bringing this series back to my attention! I have very vague, but fond memories about these books. I may have to re read some to see if they still hold up! Do you think you will read any more of them?


  2. This series sounds very similar to the Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park! I definitely recommend reading this chapter book series if you haven’t already. They are hilarious and really do touch on real-life difficulties that children this age might go through such as starting a new school year. I’ll have to check out the Amber Brown books. If she is anything like Junie B. I know I will love her (:


  3. “Amber Brown Goes Fourth” looks like a particularly good selection to read for the upcoming week. I like the idea that it would be relatable to young children as well! We never quite know what’s going on in an individual’s life, so an understanding ability and listening ear is a must in today’s world. Thank you for the post!


  4. I was also going to say that it sounds like it might have a similar tone as Junie B. Jones. However, it sounds like she writes on harsher emotional issues if that is correct? How would you describe the narrative? Is it emotional?


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