Reading is and always will be addictive.

Many children in this younger generation don’t know the feeling of cracking open an old book and reading in solitude.  I’m not saying that they don’t read, but electronics have changed their worlds.  Trust me, I have a Kindle and I read on it every night, but I go through book withdrawals. The feeling of holding an actual, real life book.  Reading a book on an electronic device is great, but it isn’t the same as reading a smelly book.  I hope that children can still enjoy that sensation. That “can’t fall asleep because I only have one…or maybe five more chapters left to read” or that feeling of dozing off and dropping your book and losing your place. But what is even better than that is very carefully, slowly, and meticulously, picking up said book to the exact spot you stopped at.  That orders in a good night of sleep.

Another issue that I have seen is teachers that use reading as a punishment.  What makes a person hate something more than being told you have to do it?  Children are highly impressionable and if we can teach them how important (and fun) reading is, then they will see that it is.

Reading is healthy.  In many more ways than one.  And I sadly see children scoffing at the mere sight of a book.  No, not everybody is going to love to read. But it is a natural and healthy habit that if we can positively instill it into our students, we can be proud that we likely changed at least one child’s opinion on reading.

Even if you don’t love to read, never discourage children from reading!


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Reading

  1. I think you bring about an interesting aspect about the technology that surrounds us! You stated that “the feeling of holding an actual, real life book. Reading a book on an electronic device is great, but it isn’t the same as reading a smelly book. I hope that children can still enjoy that sensation.” It seems like a silly thing to grasp, but it’s true! Many children miss out on this sort of act and fail to realize the feeling it can provide. Luckily, as teacher we have the opportunity to change that!


  2. I hate when I am reading on my iPhone or tablet or MacBook and I can’t gage how much I have left to read like I could in a book! It is so gratifying to just turn the page or pull out a bookmark. The only thing I like about reading electronic books is how quickly I have access to the book unlike checking out a book or ordering it online. It’s instant gratification, but in the long run it isn’t always worth it.


  3. This is a great post! Thank you for your insight. It broke my heart to read that some teachers are using reading as a punishment. How sad. Reading is such a gift, and I agree, let us hope our young people are never led to hate the experience. Kindle vs. a good old smelly book — love this! My kids have a Bookmobile that comes to their school every two weeks, and I take them to the public library regularly. They have a love for books which makes my heart happy. The Kindle has helped my third grader, who reads above grade level, to begin reading chapter books. I don’t know why he wouldn’t just pick one up and read it, but he’s rolling through them now on his Kindle. Again, this is a great post. Definitely worth the read.


  4. I do agree with the fact that kids these days are not as into reading. I have a brother in eighth grade and he is horrible about putting his iPad down to pick up a book. Technology has for sure killed the idea of opening a physical book.


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