A couple of weeks ago we all made reading goals.  I had two different goals.

My first goal was to be better at posting my books on Goodreads. This is something that I realize now that I have not been doing well.  Woops.  I need to focus on it more.  I need to do it when I get the book read instead of waiting until I have the app open on my phone.

On the other side of things, my other goal was to complete the list of “The Top 100 Children’s Novels” I am obviously nowhere near finished but I am doing well and loving it.  I have focused all of my reading on the books on this list.  I enjoy reading these books. I have always been partial to novels and childrens novels are great.

I definitely think that this is the right goal for me.  I am enjoying it, I am motivated, and I am getting a lot accomplished.


3 thoughts on “Reading Goal Update

  1. I had to recently go through and look at all of my It’s Monday posts because I haven’t been good about my Goodreads account either! I think it’s easy to do but none of us want to do it! That’s a good goal to have and one I never would have thought of!


  2. I too use a similar selection process when finding chapter books to read for the upcoming week. I enjoy this because thus far, I have yet to find a book I haven’t liked! Thank you for sharing!


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