The article Here I Am is a great read.  I believe that what he said about a main character being colored is not as true as it once was.  There is still diversity and yes there are still people who are going to feel a bit uneasy about a colored main character.  But I also believe that today is progressing.

The second article that I read was Culturally Diverse Books Selected by SLJ’s Review Editors.  It was a good read, but what I liked about it most is that it also worked well as my  new reading list! It reviews several multi-cultural books and it gave me many great ideas. “Africa is my Home: A Child of the Amistad” by Monica Edinger is one of the books that I thought sounds like a great read.

I think that there are many different ways that a teacher or librarian can correctly approach diversity. Although it can be a touchy subject, more so in some areas than others, it is not a subject that should be uncomfortable.  Too much attention to the subject can be equally as dangerous as avoiding the subject all together. If the subject is handled humbly and respectfully then students will think positively about it.  If we encourage and display diverse books, children are going to be curious and they are likely going to read them.  That is a wonderful way for them to learn the right way to treat people: reading books about the diversity.  It is an eye opening for people of all ages, reading about the diversity and the hardships of slavery.

We should also never act nervous about a topic, or students will be able to pick apart that we are uncomfortable.


One thought on “Diversity in Children’s Literature

  1. This was a great post! Sounds like it worked at perfect for you as you were able to find other titles as well. What I really liked about your post is that last part about never acting nervous. This is so true if we make the students feel uncomfortable. It is our job to make sure they are able to come to us.


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