The two articles that we read yesterday were both great articles.  They were both eye opening to me in different ways.

The article “Read Alouds” by Katherine Sokolowski on Nerdy Book Club was a great article.  It was eye opening to me because I had never thought about reading to the higher grade students.  I was read to a lot in fourth grade and I enjoyed that.  But I honestly do not remember being read to after that point.  Maybe I was and the memory just escapes me.  But this article made me realize that reading aloud can be important and beneficial to students of any age.

The article “A Year of Reading: Building Read Aloud Routine in Third Grade” surprised me.  I never really thought about reading to students a book of their own ability.  I can remember my teacher reading books to us that were maybe one step above our level, but she would dissect them and make us understand them as she read them.  I very much enjoyed that and so I was surprised when I realized that it does make sense to read the correct level to a student.

I walked away from both of these articles with gained knowledge.  I have always known how important read aloud time is, but now I know a little better how I can shape and mold reading time to fit my students.


2 thoughts on “Reading Aloud

  1. I love having teachers read harder books. It stretches a kids’ ability to comprehend the material. Even as they get older, being read to is relaxing and enjoyable.


  2. I also agree that implementing the read aloud technique should be an essential aspect of everyday learning within a classroom. In doing so, the teacher has the opportunity to really bring the book to life for their students; inspiring them for further learning discoveries. Great post and thank you for sharing!


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