A little house.

For last week, I chose to read “Little House on the Prairie”.  This a book written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It is one book in a series of several books that were written in an autobiographical format.  The books are about the Ingalls family and their hardships and happy moments.  The first book “Little House in the Big Woods” was written in the early 1930’s and so it is evident that the times that they lived in were hard.  “Little House on the Prairie” has a sad plot at times. The family struggles with illness and it is incredibly difficult at the time.

I had these books read to me as a very young child and it was both heartbreaking and enjoyable to be able to read them now as an adult.  It is so incredible to read of the hardships that happened on a daily basis in this era.  It makes me grateful and so thankful for how easy we have some things today.  The Ingalls family also helps me realize how important family is.  I plan to have these books on a reading list for my students when I get my own classroom.  Down to earth, sad, eye opening, and yet beautifully written.  What a beautiful story and a family that will forever be in my hearts.  What makes it most powerful is that it is an autobiography.  These were real people and a real family.  Please read this book! ( I suggest reading “Little House in the Big Woods” first!)


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday. What Are You Reading?

  1. I have never read the series but I remember my mom always watching it on t.v. when I was young. Believe it or not, I actually didn’t mind watching the t.v. series! I might have to plunge into the series of books as well, thank you for sharing!


  2. I think that I only read like half of the first book. I never really got into it. Maybe now that I am a bit older I’ll be able to get into it a little bit more.


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