Children’s literature is the place to be.

  1.  Reading to children is one of the most crucial ways you teach them. Start reading to them when they are infants and don’t you dare stop!
  2. Reading children’s literature is good for your soul. Healing, soothing, and  relaxing.
  3.  On that note, in no way should a person ever be ashamed of reading children books. Children’s literature is NOT just for children.
  4. Don’t limit yourself to one type of children’s literature. I made this mistake and I quickly fixed it.  Read all kinds of books. Try new authors and illustrators.
  5. Let children read their books to you.  Many of them love to and adults should never discourage them from this.   Reading out loud is good for children and the older they get the less they will like to do it. Let them stumble through their books and always look interested.
  6. As much as Kindles and other devices are wonderful for reading, go out to the library and read real children’s book.  Not only because it is better to hold the book in your hands, but also because your librarian will begin to recommend books to you.   Also, you will become friends with the after school program kids that hang out at the library.  Going to the library creates a special friendship.  They will read to you and may ask you to read to them!!

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